Solarium (SLR) is a stable coin pegged to GBP. It can be used for payments worldwide. It exists in two forms:

  1. A digital version known as SLR
  2. A 24-carat gold coin.

SLR uses a secure wallet that freely converts into all major currencies including USD, GBP, EUR, JPY, CAD, CHF, AUD and many more.

SLR gold coins are minted in 24-carat gold and in times of global uncertainty is a safe haven from inflation.

MT5 Outlook


SLR is listed on WASDAQ. The token is pegged to GBP and marked-to-market in real-time.


The 24-carat gold coins are minted in London and are available for delivery to those who prefer the stability of precious metals to digital assets.

Cycle of Risk Management

Initial Public Offering

At the initial public offering (IPO) each SLR is valued at £10.oo or GBP 10.oo  Denominations on offer are: §1.oo, §10.oo and 100.oo


Being pegged to a strong fiat currency like the British Pound Sterling means that SLR maintains its value over time.


Changes in the value of SLR are marked-to-market in real time and updated instantly.

Smartphone Trading

A Digital Currency That You Can Rely On

SLR is the digital currency of choice of many online portals and e-commerce websites. Its advantages are:

  • Accessible via multiple devices: smartphone, desktop, laptop & tablet.
  • Accessible via website or iOS or Android applications.
  • Agile and fast docking.
  • User-friendly account dashboard.
  • Transactions verified by 9 nodes across North America, Europe, Asia & Australia.
  • Leading-edge security protocol with monitoring programme and automatic alarm.
  • Less than 3 seconds to complete a transaction.
  • Support from leading liquidity providers.

Accepted In 145 Countries Worldwide.

SLR is accepted by merchants and sellers across the EU and many other countries. It is secure, reliant and easy to set up

EU & Eurozone Countries

Your SLR Account

To set up your secure SLR wallet and to buy or trade SLR, please click on the blue button.